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The launch comes at a time when EFCEM is working with the international community to develop a global framework for BIM. The aim is to create globally standardised parameters so that the BIM models can be used anywhere in the world. While parameters are already exciting for regions like the USA and central Europe, the parameters will also be available in widely used languages and will be applicable to common file types like REVIT, IFC and others.

“BIM has huge potential to generate business for catering equipment suppliers,” says Drewry Pearson, president of EFCEM. “EFCEM is working to ensure our members get maximum benefit, and that the database is easy to use and cost effective. Across Europe, companies who are members of the eight EFCEM national associations can upload BIM data and models free of charge, helping ensure the comprehensive nature of the EFCEMBIM content.

“It’s important to emphasise that EFCEMBIM is free, not only for manufacturers who are uploading their BIM files, but also for users who are downloading and creating designs or quotations. Some commercial BIM libraries charge manufacturers 2,500 € or more to host their data. Furthermore it will be possible to connect other BIM-libraries to EFCEMBIM free of charge, making EFCEMBIM the global reference point for manufacturers to provide their BIM-files.”

EFCEMBIM incorporates native BIM-formats, in addition to Industrial Foundation Class files (IFC), so manufacturers can upload files for use in software packages including archiCAD and Revit. The database will also accept PDT (Product Data Template) files, allowing manufacturers to upload product data. EFCEM invites all European manufacturers dealing with BIM data to make EFCEMBIM come alive.